Monday, 31 August 2009

Latest on the Shop

Its been a busy few days. The flooring finally arrived Friday lunchtime and I was at last able to start putting the fabrics on the shelves at 2pm that afternoon.

Steve had put the slatwall on the walls that morning and everything was starting to take shape.

We finished at 8pm that night…all of us very tired and hungry. Thomas had been very patient, bless him.

Anyway this is how the shop now looks

shop 030

shop 031

shop 032

It was great to open at last on Saturday morning and a big thank you to everyone who turned up on Saturday and the last couple of days.

Steve worked in the shop today and even managed to sell a quilt for me!

Now back to reality and get the latest fabrics photographed and on the website which is in need of an update…..must make another to do list !

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