Sunday, 5 May 2013

Bali Pops are Coming.........

Yes! Exciting news! The 6th Bali pre-cut collection is on its way and is due for delivery on Wednesday. This is all the more exciting due to the hiccups and problems I have had getting these in stock, but that's for me to moan and grumble about to myself :-)
This sixth collection is made up of Hoffman's wonderful #1895 pattern so they are mainly marble type prints but this means they are easier to mix and match.
And they will also be great for landscapes or applique.
As before they will be available as Pops (2 1/2" strips), Crackers (10" squares) and Snaps (5" squares).
My first pattern using pre-cuts should be available at Quilts UK in a couple of weeks............assuming I have finished quilting the quilt by then! Actually the quilt is almost quilted so I just need to add the binding..............oh and sew in all those ends!!!
New on the website is Essential Gradations from Benartex. These fabrics are really yummy!

So lots of exciting things coming up..........

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