Saturday, 22 May 2010

Quilt Market – Days 1 & 2

Been a busy couple of days walking all the booths. Yesterday was looking for fabric and today was spotting new block of the month programmes.

I have a couple of great new BOMs coming in  a few months when I will then need to buckle down and make samples of them. There is a pieced star one and an circular appliqué one.

As for fabrics, I have ordered a wonderful collection called Grandeur from Robert Kaufman. This features a full width print with some great co-ordinates and should be in stock in July.

I will do the rest of my ordering of fabric tomorrow.

The frustrating thing always is that you have to wait several months before the fabric is ready!

Off to the Mall of America this evening which is supposed to be the biggest mall in the world.

I have a late flight home tomorrow and will be back in the UK monday lunchtime…….and hopefully back and still awake to surprise my son, Thomas, by picking him up from school!

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