Friday, 22 July 2011

Bits and Bobs

I’ve had a couple of small fabric deliveries this week and hopefully there are more to come so that I have plenty of new fabrics to take to the Festival of Quilts next month.

There are some wonderful new Patina Handpaints from Robert Kaufman, this is just one of them.

These will look great just quilted, but I also have an idea for one of my quick quilts with them…….

Yesterday the first few fabrics from the Jewels of India collection were delivered together with some of the Radiance fabrics. The Radiance fabrics are sooo silky smooth; probably because they are 55% cotton and 45% silk!

They would make a fantastic wholecloth quilt…….and I think I need to order more of them!

You can also order Glitter threads from Superior Threads online now, although I still need to upload the thread images.

Talking of my quick quilt patterns, I’ve made a new section on the website for my kits and patterns where you can also download the patterns for free! Although I design quick quilts for a particular fabric collection, they can usually be used with similar style fabrics so keep checking for more free patterns as I upload them.

The Radiance fabrics are on the site already and the other new fabrics will be up as soon as I can.

I watched a fantastic video for making a Hunter’s Star quilt the other day, something I found on Facebook. Its amazing what you can find online! I tempted to have a go……….

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