Wednesday, 10 August 2011

Festival of Quilts Build Up

So! It is finally here….well almost!

The last couple of days have been making sure everything is ready for the show. The cutting of fabrics is done, threads topped up. Leaflets and patterns printed.
On Monday I picked up the van. It’s a little bit bigger than the car I usually drive and of course has a much higher driving position.

Its going to be interesting when I adjust back to driving the mini again next week!

Yesterday was packing the van day. It took me a while just to get these big items in the right order.


There is a  certain skill in packing a van and getting everything positioned so that it doesn’t rattle or move around too much as you are driving. I guess I will see in a few hours whether I mastered that skill or not!

I did have a little helper with me as usual………


Although I’m not sure him climbing and getting stuck up a tree was the kind of help I was after!!

More pics and postings as the show progresses, including putting the stand together today :o)

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