Wednesday, 18 January 2012

And so it begins………..

Last Sunday saw the manic start to the first shows of the year that is the sale at Farnham Maltings. It often feels like a school reunion as the traders get together for the first time since the autumn and we all do our catching up before the doors open………….because once the doors open, its CUT CUT CUT until the afternoon! Its a win win situation for everyone; customers get great fabrics at great prices and the shops get to clear fabrics that have been maybe sitting on the shelves longer than they should have been.

I had a little helper for the first time this year.

He had everything he needed under there and is quite happy in his den! He’s actually getting big and strong enough to be a help now with the loading and unloading which is his favourite bit!

This Sunday sees the sale continuing at Nantwich Civic Hall. Check my facebook page for details of how to get there.

The following weekend sees the start of the Ardingly Spring Quilt Festival. Due to party commitments, I won’t be there until the Sunday but all my fabrics and threads will be there from Friday!

The 4th gen Bali Pops are back in stock again just in time for the shows and I have a thread order winging its way over in record time from Superior Threads so will have a full compliment of King Tut threads as well as their new Monopoly thread AND  the assortment packs of the titanium machine needles.

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