Saturday, 9 June 2012

Just a Quickie (ish)

I did mean to do a proper post on the last few days using this mobile blogger app, but that would mean posting some pictures too. But seeing as I've taken all my pics on my camera and not on my phone, i have none to post!

So hopefully I'll get it right next time!

The last few days my son and I have visited the new International Quilt Festival of Ireland being held in Galway. This show has been promised to be something different, unlike other quilt shows, and so I felt I needed to see it for myself.
And I think it is different. For one, the predominant language at this European show seems to have an American accent!
The quilts are in different buildings throughout the university campus in Galway so it's reminiscent of the Carrefour du Patchwork in France. In that respect. There are some lovely quilts; I liked the Japanese Patchwork Promises exhibits (but then I like all Japanese quilts!). There were some great miniatures and I also liked the Chocolate Decadence quilts, complete with the smell of chocolate in the air as you looked at them!

This has been a little holiday for us and so we have also explored Galway a little too. Luckily the weather had improved from the awful rain on Thursday to the glorious sunshine there was today

I'll probably post some pics on Facebook rather than do another blogpost. I'll post a link on twitter when I get round to posting them!

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