Wednesday, 27 June 2012

Surprise Deliveries

I do like surprise deliveries! Its fun getting a delivery and not knowing what's in it. The down side with working from home and not always being in, is that of course you can miss deliveries, and I nearly missed yesterday's one of Robert Kaufman fabrics!
So what did I discover in the box?
More fabrics from the wonderful Imperial Collection 8 for starters. This collection was really popular at the quilt show at Sandown last weekend. I have a great quilt kit for this collection which just needs the addition of a darker marble outer border. Not sure if I have taken a photo of it yet.........
The delivery had mainly more fabrics for the purple/green colourway

And a couple more of the brown colourway

Also in the delivery were the first few fabrics from a collection called Dutch Cottage which is inspired by Delftware pottery. The main panel print is still to come but hopefully that will be in stock soon.

These prints are already on the website which means I am slightly in danger of being efficient!!
There is a short break now before the BIG one, the Festival of Quilts at the NEC in Birmingham, so I will hopefully have some time to create some new quilts together for the show.
This weekend there is an open day at one of my suppliers.................which means ordering new fabrics................its a hard life!! 

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