Tuesday, 25 September 2012

Where does the time go?

Yet again weeks have passed without me blogging.
Okay months have passed!
I really do need to rectify this, more so as I am starting to become a little disillusioned with Facebook and promoting pages. This has been mainly from a personal point of view that I have started getting 'sponsored' posts or pages in my newsfeed as well as seeming not to get some posts from friends when I have checked all the boxes to receive all the updates. What's that all about? I think I would like to decide what I see and what I don't see, thank you Facebook!
I will continue to maintain the CQ Facebook page but I think I will try blogging and tweeting a bit more for a bit instead. If you don't follow me on Twitter just yet (tut tut) click here!
So what has been happening these last few months? There was the Festival of Quilts of course which was mega busy as usual.
I have made a few quilt kits since I last blogged so here they are.....
I have already posted the main full width print in the Imperial Collection 8 from Robert Kaufman in my last post way back in June, but here is the quilt I made with the collection.

The original aim was to add a dark marble outer border. I did pick a good matching Marbleous fabric for each colourway, only to be told Robert Kaufman had discontinued Marbleous and replaced it with a new marble collection called Fresco. I ordered some replacements from a shade card, only to find out that when they were delivered none of them went! So frustrating!
The blue main print has just sold out this weekend at the Scottish Quilt Championships but there is still the purple colour left and a little bit of the brown.
Next up is Dutch Cottage also from Robert Kaufman. Most of the fabrics came with the Imperial Collection fabrics a couple of months ago apart from the main panel print.
And this is the quilt I have come up with this.
I'll try and get details of this up on the website this week.
And finally we have Magic Garden which is a collection which is a little different for me from a new company called Blend Fabrics.
I love how the sashing strips seem to shade in this.
And so that is what I have been up to!
See you soon...........promise!

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