Friday, 1 October 2021

What's New at TCQ - Paradiso

Sometimes you just see a fabric, or a collection of fabrics, and you know you just *need* them!

And this is how it was with Paradiso, a psychedelic collection designed by Sally Kelly for Windham Fabrics. Sally also designs fabrics for Liberty of London and you can see hints of that in the designs in this collection.

I first came across Sally's fabrics with her Solstice collection but by the time I saw the collection online, the time for ordering them had passed. So I was determined not to miss out this time.

It's a small collection of just five prints. The main print, Xanadu has so many little vignettes to tempt you with fussy cutting, or centring in the middle of a block, as does the second main print, Avalon.

These prints are complemented by the Galactic and Flower Bed prints.

As Paradiso is digitally printed, these are available for £18 a metre on the website.



Thursday, 30 September 2021

What's New at TCQ - Starflower Christmas

After a (unintended) break of nearly eighteen months, I think it's more than about time I start blogging again about what's happening at The Crafty Quilter.

A *LOT* has happened since I last wrote a blog post, not least a relocation to Kent to start the next chapter of my life. Quite a few fabric collections have come and gone in that time too but now I'm feeling more settled after my move 'south of the river' and able to get into more of a daily routine!

Part of that routine, is writing in a bit more detail about new fabrics. We all love seeing new fabrics, don't we? The first of the most recent deliveries was this painterly collection designed by Laura Muir of the Create Joy Project for Moda.

Starflower Christmas is a festive collection, without being too festive. The main print, the Starflower is a poinsettia type flower and comes in a white or navy background.

This is accompanied by Merry Berry, again with a white or a navy background (Note the navy print is still to arrive as I write this post) and Winter Pines, delightful fir trees on a white, aqua or navy background.

Laura also has a couple of 'basic' co-ordinating prints available within the collection - Flow and the awesome Northern Lights print.

The collection is available on the website at £15 a metre.



Wednesday, 8 April 2020

Keep Calm Brit Hop

It's Day 12 (I think?) and it would appear to be my turn on the #KeepCalmBritHop organised by Jo Westfoot at The Crafty Nomad. The purpose of this little blog hop is to introduce you to British quilters, designers and shop owners who might, for one reason or another, not be within your radar. Times are hard for small businesses at the moment, but the quilt industry is one of the best at being supportive when the chips are down, so a big thank you to Jo for organising this.

So a little about me if we haven't crossed paths before. My name is Joanna and I've been quilting for over 30 years now. I'm a traditional quilter at heart with a nod to modern quilting. I'm a sucker for an ombre fabric and I think my favourite fabric collection ever is the original Ombres designed by Vanessa Christenson for Moda; they are my go to fabrics when I'm thinking of designing something new.

I've been running my online quilt shop, The Crafty Quilter, for over 20 years selling bright, exciting fabrics from Moda, Robert Kaufman and the like, King Tut and Bottom Line threads from Superior Threads and just recently, the wonderful applique patterns from Pattern Poole in Australia. I also attend various quilt shows around the country including Quilts UK in Malvern and the Festival of Quilts at the NEC in Birmingam. My 'day job' for the last 10 years has been Editor at British Patchwork & Quilting magazine, the oldest monthly magazine in the UK 

I also design a lot of patterns myself, although not all of them make it as far as a finished quilt. But that's ok; sometimes a design doesn't quite work out how I planned it or I go off on a complete tangent with it. My designs are definitely ones that evolve as I'm making them!

A couple of my popular ones have been the Ombre Squares quilt which uses my favourite ombres (of course!). You can buy the pattern and the kit here from my website.

The second one is my Strip Race Interrupted Quilt which is strip-roll friendly. It looks great made in batiks, don't you think?

To celebrate being part of this blog hop, I'm making my Strip Race Interrupted pattern free until 10pm on Monday 13 April 2020. To claim your copy of the pattern, email me here. I've also reduced the price of the last few Bali Pops I have in stock if you want to sew along with me while I make a new version of the quilt over the Easter weekend.

Thanks for reading and again to Jo for organising the blog hop. I'd love to have you follow me on Instagram, and who knows, maybe this is just the nudge I need to start blogging again. Stay tuned!

Next up on the blog hop tomorrow is Jo Avery, but below is the schedule and links to everyone in the hop. Do go and visit them all; there are patterns, tips and giveaways aplenty to keep you entertained during these difficult times.

Saturday, 28th March: Jo Westfoot | The Crafty Nomad Sunday, 29th March: Amy Ball | Coffee Rings Studio Monday, 30th March: Jo Hendy | Villavin Crafts Tuesday, 31st March: Nicola DoddCake Stand Quilts Wednesday, 1st April: Rachel Concannon | Rachel's Textiles Studio Thursday, 2nd April: Lou Orth |  Lou Orth Designs Friday, 3rd April: Sonia Spence | Fabric & Flowers Saturday, 4th April: Fi | Pins & Needles Grayshott Sunday, 5th April: Sarah Ashford | Sarah Ashford Studio Monday, 6th April: Abigail | Cut&Alter Tuesday, 7th April: Karen Lewis  | Karen Lewis Textiles Wednesday, 8th April: Joanna KentCrafty Quilter Thursday, 9th April: Jo AveryJo Avery Stitch Friday, 10th April: Round Up Post | The Crafty Nomad

Saturday, 28 March 2020

Dusting Off the Blog...

So, it would appear that I haven’t written a blog post for a few years now. I’m sure I always mean to! In these days of ‘micro-blogging’ where you can reach people instantly on Instagram or Facebook etc, or where you can email your customers direct, finding the time to write a blog is not so easy. But here I am after a gap of almost three years dusting off my blog for a special reason and perhaps it will get me back into blogging regularly?

We are currently living in strange times as the coronavirus Covid-19 pandemic threatens to take hold across the whole world. Here in the UK, we are currently on day 6 of a lockdown which means we can only go out for certain limited reasons, although as I work from home anyway, my daily routine isn’t that different just yet.

The quilting community always comes together in times of crisis and this pandemic is no different. Countless quilt designers and shops are running free quiltalongs and the like to inspire everyone while they are stuck at home. My friend Jo at The Crafty Nomad has organised a fun blog hop over the next couple of weeks with various British quilt shops and patterns designers all coming together to bring your stories, tips, tutorials and fun! These are tough times for everyone including small businesses so I hope you’ll enjoy what we all have to say. Watch out for my day on 8 April!

Tuesday, 24 October 2017

Quilt Show Recap - The Malvern Autumn Quilt Festival

Amazingly I am remembering to do this post shortly after the event itself and not months later when it's become a bit irrelevant!

The Autumn Quilt Festival in Malvern is held at the Three Counties Showground in Malvern, the same location as Quilts UK in early summer (spring?). It's not a competition show as such like Quilts UK and as a result is a lot smaller. And because it's a smaller show, it isn't as busy. The weather is also mixed for this show; it's been really warm a couple of times and others, typical autumn weather.

This year was an autumn weather one I think you could say! The drive over on setting up day on Thursday was quite horrible with very heavy rain and poor visibility on the motorways. It was still raining when we arrived, so Tom and I had our lunch in the van first in the hope it might stop. Not quite the usual view of the hills though!

What hills?!

The unloading and setting up went fairly smoothly. This was the first time at the Malvern shows when we've had a smaller stand space as my mum wasn't trading there too, so it is always a bit of 'fun' working out if the tables and shelving will fit in the space as you had planned them in your head!

Friday was the first day of trading and as is usual was the best day for visitor numbers and sales. Storm Brian blew in Friday evening and Saturday which may have kept a few visitors away that day but overall it was a really good show for me; well up on last year!

And the show's bestsellers? Probably the shaded prints from the Effervescence collection from Robert Kaufman. I suspect a couple of these will sell out at this week's show at Duxford so you need to get in quick if you want some! They can be ordered from the website here if you aren't going to the show.

And so onto the last event of the year, the Quilt Festival at Duxford, my 'local' one. I can be home within half an hour which is great, although it does mean cooking dinners and washing up!

Friday, 29 September 2017

What's New at TCQ - The Claude Monet Collection

Taking a slight step back in time, shortly before the Effervescence collection was delivered, another digital print collection from Robert Kaufman arrived in stock.

Most of the fabrics I ordered arrived a few weeks ago but the last three prints arrived yesterday, so it's time to share a bit more about them with you. There are a couple of panel prints in the collection which I haven't ordered as I thought they would have limited appeal, but what I have ordered is this wonderful texture print in all twelve colours.

They're such a lovely rainbow selection, I think they are shouting out to be a fat quarter bundle don't you?

The print itself is reminiscent of Monet's brushstrokes

Meadow Monet Texture 17080-270

Pansy Monet Texture 17080-220

But the best thing about this print is this wonderful project  which is a free download from Kaufman's website, or it will be soon...

Rainbow Lily Petals Quilt

I'll keep checking the site and add it as a download to TCQ as soon as it's available as well as kitting the petals in a kit. The other fabrics needed are a sky fabric and solid white.

As the fabrics are a digital print it is priced at £19.50 a metre and can be ordered from the website here.

Tuesday, 12 September 2017

What's New at TCQ - Effervescence

Ok, so these posts were supposed to be a regular thing each time I upload a new collection to the website. And yes, they've kind of fallen by the wayside (again) but rather than go back and pick up where I *should* go back to, let's fast forward to last week's delivery of Robert Kaufman fabrics and the absolutely stunning Effervescence!

This collection first came out a couple of years ago and I meant to order it then, but never got around to it. Kaufman have recently added some new fabrics to the collection and they really are awesome. First up are three ombre prints which change colour across the width of the fabric.

Bright Ombre 17061-195

Here's a closer look at the print

Detail, Bright ombre

The remaining fabrics are smaller bubbles in a multitude of colours and combinations. Really can't decide which is my favourite! Today I'm feeling the love for the Mardi Gras colourway...

Mardi Gras Bubbles 17062-297

The fabrics are a digital print so they aren't cheap, but I think they're worth it. They've received a lot of love on social media so I don't think they'll be around for long.....

You can order them here.