Wednesday, 27 June 2012

Surprise Deliveries

I do like surprise deliveries! Its fun getting a delivery and not knowing what's in it. The down side with working from home and not always being in, is that of course you can miss deliveries, and I nearly missed yesterday's one of Robert Kaufman fabrics!
So what did I discover in the box?
More fabrics from the wonderful Imperial Collection 8 for starters. This collection was really popular at the quilt show at Sandown last weekend. I have a great quilt kit for this collection which just needs the addition of a darker marble outer border. Not sure if I have taken a photo of it yet.........
The delivery had mainly more fabrics for the purple/green colourway

And a couple more of the brown colourway

Also in the delivery were the first few fabrics from a collection called Dutch Cottage which is inspired by Delftware pottery. The main panel print is still to come but hopefully that will be in stock soon.

These prints are already on the website which means I am slightly in danger of being efficient!!
There is a short break now before the BIG one, the Festival of Quilts at the NEC in Birmingham, so I will hopefully have some time to create some new quilts together for the show.
This weekend there is an open day at one of my suppliers.................which means ordering new fabrics................its a hard life!! 

Saturday, 9 June 2012

Just a Quickie (ish)

I did mean to do a proper post on the last few days using this mobile blogger app, but that would mean posting some pictures too. But seeing as I've taken all my pics on my camera and not on my phone, i have none to post!

So hopefully I'll get it right next time!

The last few days my son and I have visited the new International Quilt Festival of Ireland being held in Galway. This show has been promised to be something different, unlike other quilt shows, and so I felt I needed to see it for myself.
And I think it is different. For one, the predominant language at this European show seems to have an American accent!
The quilts are in different buildings throughout the university campus in Galway so it's reminiscent of the Carrefour du Patchwork in France. In that respect. There are some lovely quilts; I liked the Japanese Patchwork Promises exhibits (but then I like all Japanese quilts!). There were some great miniatures and I also liked the Chocolate Decadence quilts, complete with the smell of chocolate in the air as you looked at them!

This has been a little holiday for us and so we have also explored Galway a little too. Luckily the weather had improved from the awful rain on Thursday to the glorious sunshine there was today

I'll probably post some pics on Facebook rather than do another blogpost. I'll post a link on twitter when I get round to posting them!

Saturday, 2 June 2012

New Kit of the Month Programme

So this is what I have been up to recently.
I did mean to start this programme in January.........and its now June!
The plan is to create a new kit each month ideally from new fabrics and each month to have that kit on offer and I am wondering about offering a free kit to giveaway each month via this blog too.

What do you think?

Now the fact that it has taken me six months to finally get round to doing this may mean that there isn't actually a new kit each month, but hey lets be positive and see what happens!

So to kick start the programme I have this new pattern I designed with the Grandeur 2 collection from Robert Kaufman.

The finished quilt measures 43" square and can be used as a table top or a wall hanging.

There are two colourways; the blue/honey colour that I have used and the pink/green colourway. In the second colourway the pink (cream) stars will show up more.Click here to see the fabrics from the collection.

The usual price for this kit will be £31.50, but during the month of June it will be available for £27.50. You can order your kit here

As is usual with my display quilts............I don't have time to quilt them. Its times like this I had the space and money for a longarm!

So how to arrange a giveaway for one kit? How about comment on this post telling me what is grand about the Grandeur 2 collection?

I guess if no one comments this will be a very short run programme or at least a short giveaway programme as I will still challenge myself to design a new kit each month..........!

So lets see how this goes!