Saturday, 2 June 2012

New Kit of the Month Programme

So this is what I have been up to recently.
I did mean to start this programme in January.........and its now June!
The plan is to create a new kit each month ideally from new fabrics and each month to have that kit on offer and I am wondering about offering a free kit to giveaway each month via this blog too.

What do you think?

Now the fact that it has taken me six months to finally get round to doing this may mean that there isn't actually a new kit each month, but hey lets be positive and see what happens!

So to kick start the programme I have this new pattern I designed with the Grandeur 2 collection from Robert Kaufman.

The finished quilt measures 43" square and can be used as a table top or a wall hanging.

There are two colourways; the blue/honey colour that I have used and the pink/green colourway. In the second colourway the pink (cream) stars will show up more.Click here to see the fabrics from the collection.

The usual price for this kit will be £31.50, but during the month of June it will be available for £27.50. You can order your kit here

As is usual with my display quilts............I don't have time to quilt them. Its times like this I had the space and money for a longarm!

So how to arrange a giveaway for one kit? How about comment on this post telling me what is grand about the Grandeur 2 collection?

I guess if no one comments this will be a very short run programme or at least a short giveaway programme as I will still challenge myself to design a new kit each month..........!

So lets see how this goes!


PattiR said...

Best of Luck with your new venture. Sewing, quilting and crafting are so rewarding.

Joanna said...

I forgot to need to have commented by 14 June in have the chance of winning the giveaway
And this isn't my attempt at trying to win!

sweet blondie blue eyes said...

Good luck with designing and releasing a new kit every month.