Tuesday, 23 November 2021

What's New at TCQ - Wild by Bethan Janine


This cute collection is designed by Bethan Janine for Dashwood Studio. I'd been umming and ahhing about whether to stock the collection, but the large panel print in the collection was too good to say no to. Aren't the animals lovely?

Each square in the panel measures just under 14" square, so the whole panel measures about 44" square.

I thought I'd make a quick quilt to showcase the fabrics. I like making this style of quilt where you can show off a large-scale print, or the panel squares in this case, and use the co-ordinating prints to create an ombre effect.

You can buy the fabrics and panel on the website. Or buy a kit to make The Wild Quilt! 

The Wild Quilt!

Finished size: 52" square


  • 1 Wild panel (WILD1919)
  • Fat quarter Pink Cameos (WILD1921)
  • Fat quarter Owls in Flight (WILD1922)
  • Fat quarter Bear and Fox (WILD1923)
  • Fat quarter Bounding Woodland Creatures (WILD1924)
  • Fat quarter Rustling Hedgehogs (WILD1925)

Step 1: Cut the Wild panel up into its separate squares and using a large ruler, trim each square so it measures 13.5" square.

Step 2: Set aside the Pink Cameos print and cut up the remaining four fat quarters into 3.75" strips as show below.

The fat quarters are cut like this because of the directional nature of the prints

Step 3: Take one of each of the longest print strips and arrange them light to dark. Join the strips together along their length. Press the seams in the same direction towards the darkest print.

Step 4: Cross cut the joined strips into five, 3.75" cross cut slices.

Step 5: Make a second strip set with the second set of longest strips but arrange the strips from dark to light. Cross cut into five cross cut slices as before.

Repeat with remaining sets of strips, arranging half the strips from light to dark and the second half from dark to light. You'll be able to cut 3 cross cut slices from the shorter horizontal strips and just one slice is needed from each of the shortest strips.

Step 6: Cut sixteen, 3.75" squares from the Pink Cameos print.

Step 7: Arrange the panel squares into three rows of three squares and add the sashing strips so that the prints run from light to dark and back again both horizontally and vertically. Add the pink squares between each sashing strip.

Step 8: Join the strips and squares together in rows and then join the rows together to complete the quilt top.

Not sure how I'll quilt my quilt yet. You'll need approx. 60" square wadding and backing (2.75m), and 50cm fabric to bind it.


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