Wednesday, 13 August 2008

Setting Up at the FoQ

Well I've finally managed to get online in my hotel. I think because my room is at the end of a long corridor I'm too far away from the main hub and so my signal strength is very poor and I keep losing it so I'm typing this quickly while I can!!
Today has been setting up day at the show. We drove through torrential rain to get here but it was dry when we arrived and we finished unloading just as the rain started again. Unloading fabrics and rain is not a good combination!
It takes about four hours to get from this.......

to this......

I'm really happy how the booth went together this year and all the quilts seem to fit perfectly along the walls.

Do come and say hello if you are visiting the show. I'm very excited because Bob Purcell from Superior Threads will be spending some time at my booth so if you have any thread queries come along to meet him. I should have more definite times when he will be about tomorrow.

Here's to a great show!

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