Thursday, 25 September 2008

Quiltette Challenge Results

The entries for this year's challenge have just been judged and I have posted the results to the website There were six entries this year and joint winners were Annie Harris from Southampton and Herma de Ruiter from the Netherlands.
I already have the fabric in stock for next year's challenge and will be uploading the fabrics to the website hopefully next month so you all have plenty of time to make some exciting entries for me!
I have just realised its nearly the end of September and I had forgotten to make the swatch sheet for you to download the fabrics that were delivered in August. Things have been a bit hectic this last month or so what with my relocation but I have now uploaded August pdf file for you to download that month's fabric samples.
I should be getting another fabric delivery in the next few weeks and then its off to Houston Quilt Market to order some is so hard!!

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