Saturday, 8 August 2009

Shop Pics

Here are a some pics of the shop for you all to see. They are "before" shots as I don't get access to start converting it to a quilt shop until the week before it opens. Its currently being used as a pottern painting studio.

This is the front of the shop. It has a lovely little bay window. I'm just waiting to meet the sign writer so I can get the shop name done above the shop front.

The rest of the photos are of the inside of the shop from each corner. It has some nice semi-circular windows on one side which will let in natural light which is sooo essential for choosing fabrics and as you can see its a good sized shop.

Steve and I went over during the week to do a proper measure up so we can start planning where to put everything and we are also in the process of buying all the right fixtures and fittings. We found a fantastic counter/cutting table last week and that is being delivered in a few days.
Its all very exciting.............

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