Thursday, 11 August 2011

FoQ Setting up and Day 1

Arriving at the NEC, all you have is your space.

This is the scene after I have unloaded everything from the van.

Even though I know roughly where I want to put everything, it still takes several hours to put the stand together until it looks like this!


I’m really pleased how it all went together this year and I managed to get all the new quilt kits out on display.

Day One
It has been such a busy day today! However, as I am in one of the last rows of traders it is always a slow start before the customers start to filter through………so much so that you start to doubt if anyone will stop and buy anything………..but filter through they do and at times today it was very hectic! Whenever Mum came down to my stand to relieve me for a swift toilet break………i was too busy to be able to leave the stand!

The best selling fabrics today seemed to be the new Florentine collection from Robert Kaufman, as well as Imperial Collections 6 and 7 and of course King Tut threads were as popular as ever.

Looking forward to seeing what tomorrow will bring!

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