Friday, 30 August 2013

Anything Happening?

I guess its about time I updated you on what's been happening now that I have recovered from the Festival of Quilts.
The show was really busy and was the best show I've done there. It was so busy that for the first time I didn't get to see all the quilts! I usually manage to have a quick whizz round them first thing in the morning but this year I only managed to see about half of them. And as for the galleries, well I haven't taken a look at those for years.
It's always nice to have some new fabrics in for the show and this year I managed to get some great new texture prints in from Robert Kaufman. It was touch and go whether they would arrive in time but I'm so glad they did.
They are called Fusions Textures and are really rather yummy.
Twenty eight colours are in stock and on the website.
I also introduced a few new patterns at the show, all showcasing the batik pre-cuts.
First up is Strip Race Interrupted, a really quick quilt to make from a Bali Pop.
Next we have Snap Pop Squared which uses a Bali Pop and Snap pack.
And finally we have Square Up which uses Mini Treat pack from Timeless Treasures. These offer different design possibilities because they have two of each fabric in each pack.
I love working with these pre-cuts now and am working on a couple more designs at the moment. The next Bali collection from Hoffman is due for delivery in October, which is all of just over a month away now!

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