Tuesday, 19 August 2014

Introducing...........Terra Australis!

So.........it's about time I did a blog post again! Really should try and do one every month!
It's 10 days since the Festival of Quilts at the NEC in Birmingham (which was a busy as ever) and I think I have finally caught up with myself and can now tell you about this exciting collection of fabrics I have imported from Australia.
It's very exciting as currently I am the only quilt shop in the UK stocking these wonderful fabrics. They are designed by a lady called Emma Jean Jansen.. She has some great patterns and inspiration for the collection on her website.
There are thirty two fabrics in the collection and I've got all of them! There are two colourways: Eucalyptus and Outback. I still haven't decided which one I like the best.....
Here's the Eucalyptus colourway:
And this is the Outback colourway:
The main print is based on the warratah flower and there are other Australian symbols in the other fabrics like kangaroos, gum trees and the harbour bridge.
There's  also a second collection newly released called Terra Australis 2........I may just have to order this one too and what's great is both collections work together!
I've made a quick quilt using fabrics from the collection. Must try and take a decent photo of it!
The fabrics are £10.60 a metre and you can also buy fat quarter bundles of each colourway, all available on the website.

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