Saturday, 28 March 2020

Dusting Off the Blog...

So, it would appear that I haven’t written a blog post for a few years now. I’m sure I always mean to! In these days of ‘micro-blogging’ where you can reach people instantly on Instagram or Facebook etc, or where you can email your customers direct, finding the time to write a blog is not so easy. But here I am after a gap of almost three years dusting off my blog for a special reason and perhaps it will get me back into blogging regularly?

We are currently living in strange times as the coronavirus Covid-19 pandemic threatens to take hold across the whole world. Here in the UK, we are currently on day 6 of a lockdown which means we can only go out for certain limited reasons, although as I work from home anyway, my daily routine isn’t that different just yet.

The quilting community always comes together in times of crisis and this pandemic is no different. Countless quilt designers and shops are running free quiltalongs and the like to inspire everyone while they are stuck at home. My friend Jo at The Crafty Nomad has organised a fun blog hop over the next couple of weeks with various British quilt shops and patterns designers all coming together to bring your stories, tips, tutorials and fun! These are tough times for everyone including small businesses so I hope you’ll enjoy what we all have to say. Watch out for my day on 8 April!

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