Tuesday, 12 February 2008

The Little Angel

After my last posting I thought maybe you would like to see the little angel who will be taking over the business when I die.....

This is Thomas doing his first show and tell and Quiltfest in Llangollen at the weekend. He has just made his first block, more of which below and this lady also had some 9 patch blocks with her for colour matching so they had fun showing each other their work.

He made his first block last week and did all the sewing himself. He picked the fabrics and all I did was cut the pieces out for him and start and finish his threads. Not bad for a 6 year old!

His colour choice is quite interesting but its refreshing to see he doesn't yet have any hangups about whether a fabric goes with another one or not and I think they actually work well together.

If you haven't visited Quiltfest before it is something you should try and do. The quilts and wallhangings are hung in a gallery and there is plenty of space for them to be viewed properly. It runs for the whole month of February with the middle sunday being a trading day. Visit the Quiltfest website for more information.

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