Wednesday, 6 February 2008

The Things Kids Say........

I didn't know whether to laugh, cry or be incredibly happy at something my six year old son, Thomas, said to me yesterday. In all seriousness he said that when I die he wants to be The Crafty Quilter because he can sew and is very arty. Is that sweet or not?!
Saying that though, he has already helped out at the quilt shows a couple of times and is well known by all the other traders. He likes re-stocking the thread cabinets and knows how to fold my larger sale samosas! He even has his own cardinal rule not to hand the goods back to the customer until they have handed over the money!!!
At the moment one of his favourite things is to have a block printed off from one of the quilt design software programmes and then he colours it in so I think I will make a quilter of him yet!
Watch this space as they say......

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Helen Priestley (Cornwall) said...

Does Thomas have an hourly rate as I am sure he would be of great use to those of us struggling with ideas for the Little Block Challenge - only kidding. I am very pleased with my progress to date, that being a lovely drawing with some lovely colouring in - not as good as the efforts of young Thomas though I'm sure!! He can't fail to be artistic with all the beatiful colours and fabrics that surround him the lucky little chap.
Helen Priestley (and Lily of course!).