Monday, 18 February 2008

New King Tut Colours

These are four new king Tut colours which I now have in stock - apparently more are in the pipeline! The bottom two reels reflect current fabric trends in America; dusky pinks and browns and teal blues and browns.
If you haven't tried this wonderful thread yet, where have you been the last few years?! The King Tut thread is a 40wt extra long staple cotton thread that can be used for hand and machine quilting and there are now 79 colours in the range. I prefer to hand quilt and was looking for a variagated thread that you could hand quilt with. These threads from Superior Threads in America came onto the market at the same time and having tested various other brands this was the one thread that I fell in love with. Most of my customers who try them don't go back to their old thread once they have tried the King Tuts.
Visit the website to see all the colours.
The UK Hoffman Challenge fabrics will be in stock in the next couple of days so I have uploaded these to the website in anticipation.

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