Sunday, 4 November 2012


Finding the time to blog seems to be my problem at the moment. I was all set to write a post about 10 days ago but somehow the time I had found to write it, suddenly evaporated.
But here I am. It's the beginning of November. And I know it's been ages since I blogged again!
I have been tweeting quite a bit recently so why not follow me there for quick and regular updates on what has been happening at The Crafty Quilter.

I am becoming increasingly frustrated with Facebook. I have over 400 followers on the CQ page and yet less than 25% of them ever see my posts. I could of course pay to promote my posts but that is just not a viable option for a small business. On the FB profile I use for quilting purposes, I have so many 'friends' that I have made a couple of lists of people or fabric companies whose updates I really want to see and yet when I was working my way through the updates in one of my lists the other day, I needed to refresh the page at one point and as I scrolled through  the updates I had already read, I found there were some that weren't there a minute ago. What was that all about? The whole point of making lists is NOT to miss any updates from people!
And so this is why you will find me more on twitter these days.

So what's new at The Crafty Quilter?

A few weeks ago the 5th Bali pre cuts collection from Hoffman arrived. These are now available in 5" squares, aka Snaps, and 10" squares, aka Crackers, as well as the original 2 1/2" strips - Pops. I really love these. I didn't order a large quantity of the new Snaps and Crackers as I wasn't sure how they would be received so have sold out of quite a few of them already. More are now on order and they will hopefully arrive later this month.
The most popular colour so far has been Brown Sugar, which is rather yummy.

My favourite is Parfait, although this has been the least popular so far!

The other new delivery just before the quilt show at Malvern was the first few fabrics from the Florentine 4 collection from Robert Kaufman. Pretty amazingly, I managed to upload the fabrics to the website the same day as they were delivered!
There are four colourways to this collection but I have only ordered these two subtle colours; Dawn and Mist.

I'll see what quilt kit I can design when the rest of the fabric arrive.

The last few weeks have been very busy with back to back quilt shows at Malvern last weekend and Duxford this weekend. Today is the last day of my last show this year, although I am working at an area day next Saturday too.
It will be nice to have a break and get some quilting done and to that end I have just bought myself a freemotion foot for my machine and plan to teach myself to machine quilt.

Anyone want to learn along with me?

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