Sunday, 14 April 2013

Playing with Bali Pops

Ok I confess!
I now have an addiction to working with pre-cuts!
I also now have a pile of five quilts that need quilting..........
I've been practising my machine quilting skills by finishing off a quilt top that I made when I had the shop.........which was three years ago this summer! Where has the time gone?
The quilt was going to be a beginner's quilt kit that was going to contain everything a newcomer to quilting would need to put the quilt together and quilt it. And I think now that I've finished it........well nearly......just a few more ends to sew in and add the binding..........that I think that's what I will do still. I'll have to get some new fabrics in for it as I made it with fabrics from the Satinesque collection from Robert Kaufman and I have a feeling this is no longer available, but any tonal prints will be fine for it.
I actually used my free motion foot to quilt this spiral design, which was a bit silly as it would have been easier to use my walking foot. But on the other hand it did improve my control of working with the free motion foot.

But I digress!
I had quite a few Bali Pops left over from the 5th collection and wanted to get these sold as the delivery of the new 6th collection is imminent. I also seemed to have quite a few of the Macaron Bali Pops.
So I plucked up the courage and cracked open a packet. It's actually a lovely colour pack this one, felt like I was in the Caribbean when I was stitching it.
And this is the result; a simple nine patch quilt but I'm really pleased with it!

Now to get on with some quilting.....................

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