Friday, 29 March 2013

The downside of being creative!

I love being creative. I love walking around and being inspired by my surroundings; seeing design possibilites wherever I go.
Because I am surrounded by all this creativity, I sometimes wonder how dull life would be without it and so I wouldn't want to ever be without it.
The only problem is you can't switch it off.
That's not really a problem, apart from when it keeps you awake at night and you have to get up early to play with that idea. You can't rest until you do.
And that is my problem today
Last night before I went to bed I was scrolling through pinterest on my phone (I know...........fatal), when I came upon this lovely little quilt. I didn't actually twig last night that it was so tiny, but my mind starting whirring about it and then wondering about whether it could be made from precuts.
Of course it can be made from precuts; I meant if it could be made economically using precuts. If you scroll further down that blog post you can see that the lady in question is possibly using layer cakes to make the quilt. I think if I tried it, I would make it larger.

And so here I am, at 7am on a bank holiday morning..........needing to try this out!

But then there was also this quilt too..............which would be a great project for a bali pop...........


Angela said...

I love the idea of the pin wheel quilt too but would also make it larger having struggled with the SBS quilt! Those pieces must be so tiny!!

Joanna said...

They look positively miniscule!